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Top hinged greetings cards featuring digital prints of seaweed pressings.
A set of eight cards and envelopes in a sturdy Manilla string and washer presentation pack.
​Also available singly.
Card size: 130mm x 180mm on Tinteretto FSC card

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postcards set 1
postcards set 2

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  1. Irish Moss
    Irish Moss
  2. Two Headed Wrack
    Two Headed Wrack
  3. Brown Weed
    Brown Weed
  4. Beautiful Fan Weed
    Beautiful Fan Weed
  5. Fern Weed
    Fern Weed
  6. Sea Oak
    Sea Oak
  7. Serrated Wrack
    Serrated Wrack
  8. Wire Weed
    Wire Weed